12.35 pm

language: German

year: 2019

length: 4'53"

on air: audio in German subtitled video: Italian

pdf transcript: English


LUCIA on radio

Das Lied der Salatschleuder

by Johanna Fricke

Das Lied der Salatschleuder is the first part of an "audio album" for Frederik, Johanna Fricke’s little nephew. In the sense of a classic photo album capturing sonic pictures from his childhood and recording them for his later life.

Das Lied der Salatschleuder won the Create Gold Award at HearSay International Audioarts Festival and the Ganbéarla Award in April 2019.

Johanna Fricke is an audio documentary maker, oral historian and social-anthropologist. Based in Leipzig, she works for the German public radio as a freelance author and producer.

English video courtesy of Radio Atlas


12.40 pm

language: Russian

year: 2020

length: 14'40"

on air: audio in Russian

subtitled video: Italian

pdf transcript: Russian, English

LUCIA on the radio

Bots and Spammers dating club

by Vladimir Kryuchev


A chance meeting at the pool, the beginning of a love story. The protagonists are like us, but different, they are bots and spammers. Their world is populated with dead silences between words.

In our world, their annoying calls have become part of the life of many people, they scare: is it true that they can steal our identity? But who are they? Are they alone?

Using different editing techniques, Vladimir Kryuchev gives them a new life beyond that of switchboards.


1.30 pm

on air: music to enjoy lunch with

LUCIA's music meal

Have a cumbia at lunch

with G-Amp

2.30 pm

language: English

year: 2020

length: 8'11"

on air: audio in English

subtitled video: English

interactive version in English

LUCIA on the radio

Accumulation over time

by Adriene Lilly

Adriene Lilly wants to talk about how the accumulation of things - books, bottles or whatever - is overwhelming on different scales. Overwhelming to the environment, overwhelming to the individual home, or overwhelming to the body. Accumulation over time is designed to be claustrophobic but also to be exhumed and heard in parts like picking through the ruins of an old factory building.

Accumulation Over Time features the voice of Tiana Tucker with additional help from Tiana Tucker, Olivia Bradley-Skill and Michelle Macklem. It was inspired by readings from The Body in Pain by Elaine Scarry and Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology After the End of the World by Timothy Morton.

2.45 pm

on air: English



TALK with Żenia Klimakin & Wojciech Oleksiak

3.00 pm

language: Russian

year: 2020

length: 28'35"

LUCIA on the radio


by Żenia Klimakin & Wojciech Oleksiak

on air: audio in Russian

subtitled video: Italian

pdf transcript: Russian, English

Chernobyl had cast a shadow over Żenia’s and Wojciech’s childhoods. Reportedly, it was the cause of all the chronic diseases they’d struggled with. Two years ago, they went there. They wanted to walk into the belly of the beast, to debunk any nonsense around it. To hear about the doom, catastrophes, and everyday struggles.


But what they came back with was something else entirely – a beautiful and uplifting tale about love. Love for home, love for nature, love for people. Something stronger than the biggest nuclear accident in the history of humankind. 

With uncertain times ahead of us all... it has given us the hope that we can overcome a whole lot, if only we care. 


This piece comes from Stories From The Eastern West, a podcast produced by Culture.pl, the flagship digital brand of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.


3.20 pm

year: 2019

length: 37'28"

LUCIA on the radio

Strange Strangers

by Pablo Sanz

on air: artist's introduction in English

Based on environmental recordings along the territories of Amanã and Mamirauá, in central Amazônia, Strange Strangers focuses on unusual listening perspectives (above, underwater, and ultrasound), inviting us to listen to (within) a singular world of vitality and non-human otherness. Listening cultivates profound encounters with other beings (life-forms, abiotic terrestrial matters, sounds…), and with our being as an other. 

“The first sequence guides us inwards and beautifully implements the radical ecological approach developed by the philosopher Vinciane Despret: that of placing ourselves in relation to other animal species as individuals in relation to other individuals, of perceiving them not simply as representatives of their vast family, but in their singularity as subjects”  Juliette Volcler - Phonurgia Nova. 

Strange strangers is a notion by Timothy Morton for speaking about non-human creatures, conceived as ambiguous entities, as beings unable to be completely comprehended and labelled. This idea prompts us to examine the paradoxes and fissures of identity within “human” and “non-human”, and within “self” and “other”. Furthermore, recognising agencies and vitality beyond the human makes it also possible to think sounds and works of art as phenomenological beings that in some powerful sense display “something like agency and something like affect.”

Pablo Sanz is an artist, composer and researcher. His body of work includes site-specific and public art projects, immersive installations, multichannel live performances, exhibitions, releases and pieces for broadcast and headphone listening. His practice is an open-ended investigation of listening, more-than human agencies and aural vitality, with a focus on the limits and thresholds of perception and attention.


4.15 pm

language: French, Kinyarwanda

year: 2020

length: 51'32"

LUCIA on the radio


by Amelia Umuhire

on air: audio in French, Kinyarwanda

subtitled video: Italian

pdf transcript: French, English

Amelia Umuhire tells the story of Innocent Seminega – her father – as a young student, teacher, husband and parent up until his death at the hands of the Hutu extremists in Rwanda.

Amelia Umuhire_Innocent.jpg

Tracing her family history as she addresses him, she weaves together threads from his love of linguistics, his romance with her mother, parenthood, and life lived amidst violent conflict – until unfurling her own story of her childhood and movement between countries – critiquing the white gaze which might try and frame her family’s story.

Innocent is an intimate portrait that resists the narrative canon that the West imposes on recent Rwandan history. 


Co-produced by Radio Papesse and Pratiques d'Hospitalité (ESAD Grenoble) in the frame of the Hospitalité artistique et activisme visuel pour une Europe diasporique et post-occidentale research unit. 


5.30 pm

language: English

year: 2020

length: 20'47"

LUCIA on the radio

Goodbye to all this - A Shadow

by Sophie Townsend

on air: audio English

subtitled video: English (BBC)

pdf transcript: English

Sophie and Russell never expected anything bad to happen – not to them. But then he had some blood tests and scans and they started to feel scared. It all begins at a coffee shop in Sydney, Australia. In mid-2011, Sophie's husband was diagnosed with lung cancer, and she cared for him, with the support of her family and friends, until his death in February the next year. Since then, she has raised her girls alone, rising to new challenges, making lots of mistakes, and finding a new place in the world.

This is a story about life, love and loss. A memoir by Sophie Townsend.


Goodbye to All This – A Shadow is a Falling Tree production for the BBC World Service.