What political, ideal, ethical reasons drive someone to abandon a quiet life to face the hell of war in Syria? To fight ISIS where it is strongest and rooted? This is what Matteo Caccia tries to investigate with Oltre il Confine, his new podcast series.

11.30 pm

language: Italian


Oltre il confine

with Matteo Caccia

on air: talk and listenings in Italian

The protagonist of the story is Karim Franceschi, born in 1989 in Casablanca to an Italian ex-partisan father and Moroccan mother. Growing up in Senigallia, in 2015 Karim left for Kobane as a volunteer for a humanitarian project, then he decided to stay and join the armed struggle against Isis. In 2016 he founded an international brigade that will play a very important role in the fall of Raqqa, capital of the Islamic State. Two years of struggle, the fears, the hopes, the reasons for an extreme choice: in Oltre il Confine, it is Karim himself who tells the story.

We will listen to it together with Matteo Caccia and with him we will try to understand how to approach it and how to tell such a story, how to build a balance between narration and first-hand memory.


12.40 pm

year: 2016 - ongoing

length: 45'

on air: artist's introduction in English

LUCIA on the radio


by Andrius Arutiunian

Armen is a sound work and collection which I’ve been developing since 2016 related to the diasporic music. It traces obscure Armenian disco releases from the 80’s. Andrius Arutiunian remakes little-known pop songs from different parts of the Armenian diaspora, and navigates this treacherous sonic field in polyphonous, and

sometimes contradictive ways.                                       

Armen_cover_Andrius Arutiunian.png

1.15 pm

on air: great sounds for the lunch hour

LUCIA's music meal

Commuting self

with OOH-sounds

Commuting Self is a non-linear listenig to out-bound the present times: to stay, to leave, to arrive, the body, the perception of the other through the micro-shifts that our self might experience online.

OOH-sounds is an independent record label dedicated to the experimental evolution of contemporary electronic music. Under the artistic direction of Michele 'Pardo' Pauli - former co-founder of the iconic band Casino Royale - the label moves in a sound environment that seeks possible declinations between innovation and continuity, with a strong interest in the contamination between technology and expressive languages.

Bandcamp: ooh-sounds.bandcamp.com

A Guide to Commuting to New York City fr

2.30 pm

language: Spanish

year: 2020

length: 27'18"

on air: audio in Spanish

subtitled video: Italian

pdf transcript: English

Crosses in the Desert__Widescreen.jpg

LUCIA on the radio

La Frontera | Cruces en el desierto

by Catalina May & Martín Cruz

Álvaro Enciso is a Colombian artist who works for preserving the memory of migrations across Sonora Desert. In the exact place where migrants' corpses are discovered, those who did not make it to America, Enciso puts a cross. In this episode of La Frontera, a series from Las Raras dedicated to the humanitarian crisis on the border across the United States and Mexico, we accompany Álvaro to one of his crossings and listen to migrants’ voices losing in the desert in search of a better life.

Written and curated by Catalina May, sound design by Martín Cruz, production by Dennis Maxwell for Las Raras. Music by Andrés Nusser.

3.00 pm

language: English

year: 2017

length: 20'22"

LUCIA on the radio

The Cliffs

by Cristal Duhaime & Mira Burt-Wintonick with Jodie Taylor

on air: audio in English

pdf transcript: English

Mo and Tamim find themselves in the Jungle in Calais for very different reasons. When their paths cross, they develop an unexpected connection.


The Cliffs first appeared on The Other Side, a episode of the CBC original podcast Love Me produced by Cristal Duhaime and Mira Burt-Wintonick.  


4.00 pm

language: Italian


Guided listenings from the RAI archives

with Andrea Borgnino, Luisa Santacesaria and Rodolfo Sacchettini

on air: this show is produced in collaboration with Rai Radio Techetè

Giochi di fanciulli by Giorgio Pressburger (1970)

length: 32'35

Pieter_Bruegel_Giochi di Bambini

Among the most important experimental radio pieces produced for the italian public radio, Giochi di Fanciulli mixes radio drama, documentary and abstract language.


It takes inspiration from Pieter Bruegel the Elder's Children's Game (1560).

With Giochi di Fanciulli, in 1970 Giorgio Pressburger won the prestigious Prix Italia Award

Intervista Aziendale by Primo Levi and Carlo Quartucci (1968)

length: 41'42"

Produced in 1968, Intervista Aziendale is a documentary-radiodrama that renovated the radiophonic canon, mixing genres, forms and languages blurring the lines between fiction and reality.


6.15 pm

language: Spanish

year: 2020

length: 32'32"

on air: audio in Spanish

subtitled video: Italian

pdf transcript: English

LUCIA on the radio

Preguntan por ti

by Isabel Cadenas Cañón

When Rosana was a little girl, her favorite game was playing spies. And her favorite place to play that game was her own house, where there were mysteries she couldn’t understand. The biggest of all: her mother would disappear from home without any explanation. After she turned 18, one day, the phone rang at home. That call revealed her mother’s greatest secret. It was a secret that involved her being a woman who dared to break the rules of her time.

DENSH Ep. 1 - Preguntan por ti.png

7.00 pm

language: Italian

year: 2019

length: 27'55"

LUCIA on the radio

La mia vita al quattro stelle

by Alice Gussoni

on air: audio in Italian

subtitled video: English

pdf transcript: English

Dalila is 20 years old. She was born in Italy to an Arab father and an Italian mother. For over 6 years she has been living with her two little siblings and her parents in a 40 square meter apartment in Via Prenestina, on the outskirts of Rome, inside a former hotel illegally occupied by several hundred people in a housing emergency. Over 7 months Dalila has recorded a sound diary of her days, offering a very intimate listening point that goes directly to the heart of the problem: the specter of forced eviction and the fear of ending up on the street from one day to another.



with Archivio dei Diari di Pieve Santo Stefano

in chiusura di LUCIA verranno annuciati i progetti vincitori della prima edizione del Premio LUCIA