4.00 pm 

Manifattura Tabacchi

language: Italian



The art of foleys in a workshop for kids

workshop for children 5 to 10 years old with Matteo Bennici and Ocarina

FOLEYTALES is a playful way to involve the younger generations into the magic world of audio storytelling.
An auditory exploration into the power of sound in telling (and listening) to stories.

Matteo Bennici is a sound engineer, composer and sound designer. 

He is based in Milan (although he originally is from Florence).

This workshop is possible thanks to the technical support of Skeldon.

6.00 pm

Manifattura Tabacchi

subtitles: English and Italian


Anything but a single story...

with works by Francesca Berardi, Jess Shane, Jeanne Debarsy, Laura Romero, André Cunha...

New York orizzontale - Two Artists

by Francesca Berardi

13'20'', 2018 (Italy)

It is often said that New York is a city only for the very rich or for the very poor. The New York of the rich has to do with verticality: the career, the skyscrapers, the penthouses, the exclusive rooftop parties, the heels of shoes that don't get dirty. The other one - the one of the very poor - is a horizontal metropolis. It moves along sidewalks, in basements, along underground lines, it requires comfortable shoes. New York orizzontale -Horizontal New York explores the city of those who keep their eyes on the ground: the canners, people who make a living picking up cans and bottles on the street and then turn them in for 5 cents a piece. For this project, Francesca worked for more than a year with a community of canners in Brooklyn. In addition to the radio documentary produced with Radio Tre - Tre Soldi, the results of this work have been featured on NPR- All Things Considered, The Guardian and Internazionale.  

Francesca Berardi works as a freelance journalist producing radio stories, texts and drawings. From 2011 to 2018 she lived in New York where she studied and worked at Columbia Journalism School. Her work has been published by Radio Tre, NPR, The Guardian, Quartz, Internazionale and other US and Italian media. In 2015 she published a book dedicated to Detroit, Detour in Detroit (Humboldt Books). 

Ambient, Sir. 

by Jess Shane

9'33", 2018 (Canada)

After studying interrogation transcripts from Guantánamo Bay, Jordan Scott, a poet who stutters, grew interested in how detainees' stutters were interpreted as signs of dishonesty. Scott applied to tour the prison to interview interrogators, but was declined. With Guantánamo's censorship policies in mind, Scott changed tactics, asking to record ambient sound at the prison. GTMO officials obliged.

This piece considers how institutional silence can be documented and listened in spaces of trauma. It features Scott's field recordings from his prison media tour and a night visit he took to Camp X-Ray - now the site of an active war crimes investigation.

Commissioned by Falling Tree Productions for BBC’s podcast Short Cuts.

Jess Shane is a Canadian audio producer based in New York. Her work has aired on the BBC's Short Cuts, WBEZ’s Re:Sound, and CBC’s The Doc Project, Love Me, and Ideas. She is also the co-founder of Constellations, a podcast and collective for sound art and experimental audio. Most recently, Jess was a producer on CBC's Personal Best and Mic Drop. She is currently pursuing a masters in Media Arts at Hunter College with a focus on collaborative documentary practices.

Avec le vent

by Jeanne Debarsy

14'40", 2017 (Belgium)

In the beginning, there’s the blow, reassuring... Then comes the sound, telling stories... Virginia, Aram and Vardan whisper their feelings. Through their breath one can hear their stories shape. Stories of exile, memories of Armenia, one morning when the wind rose, when they had to leave everything behind.

Jeanne Debarsy graduated in sound engineering at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in 2007. She works for cinema, radio and music productions. In 2011 she directed her first radio documentary, Ino Vaovao Mada to continue with Los Santos and Terre Noire. In 2017 she produced her first radio drama La première fois que je suis devenu foule, a binaural work which was selected for Prix Europa, Prix Phonurgia Nova and La semaine du son in Brussels. In 2018 she was awarded the SCAM-SACD Award for the Belgian radio.

Puzzle de Fronteras

by Laura Romero and André Cunha

29'59", 2019 (Spain, Portugal)

Puzzle de Fronteras is a sound journey around the diversity of the Iberian Peninsula and the new waves of nationalism in Catalonia, Spain and Europe. Drowned in the media avalanche of journalistic radical headlines by two totally opposite fronts and so little polyphonic voices, Romero and Cunha embark on a journey through Catalonia and around, in an attempt to walk it in a circle. It is a trip in several languages (Catalan, Spanish, Valenciano, Aranes, French) and several sound fields, a game that allows the people of a territory to express themselves on the radio or through sound. 

Laura Romero is a sound producer, broadcaster and researcher in sound narratives. She has worked between France, Spain and Latin America, for Cadena SER, Àpunt Mèdia, Onda Cero, RTVV and Radio en Construction. She gives workshops on radio art, sound documentary and audio fiction in several universities. In 2017 she completed a PhD in Communication, in 2016 she won the first prize at the 60Sec Radio International Radio Contest in Montreal, in 2018 she was at the Radiodays Europe in Vienna and at the International Feature Conference in Prague. In 2019 she took part in the Longueur d'Ondes Festival in Brest.  

André Cunha is a freelance journalist. From 1998 to 2004 he worked in Lisbon and to follow he spent few years in the Balkans, as a corrispondent for TSF radio. In 2015 he produced a series of reportages about the border between Hungary and Serbia. Entitled Nosotros y el nuevo muro / We and the new wall, the series was released on Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso and on the magazine Visão. He has also collaborated with Diário de Notícias, Público, BBC Radio and other radio broadcasters.

9.15 pm

Manifattura Tabacchi

language: English


Third Coast Listening reel 

with Maya Goldberg-Safir, Emily Kenndy and Isabel Vázquez

 A sampling of exceptional audio stories from the Third Coast archives.

In twenty years of listening the Chicago-based festival has collected thousands of audio stories coming from all over the world.  How did the audio world industry change? Which voices are contributing to the future of the medium?

Maya Goldberg-Safir is the artistic director of Third Coast International Audio Festival, Emily Kennedy is the program director and Isabel Vázquez is the senior producer in charge of all the Third Coast transmissions and podcasts.

10.15 pm

Manifattura Tabacchi

Language: Italian


Mio cugino

4 people, 4 absurd stories... One is made up... Which one? Can you tell?

by and with Mauro Pescio

and Stefano Malatesta

Incredible stories and exceptional guests. Originally an idea of ​​Mauro Pescio, theater actor and radio author, Mio Cugino is a story-show that gathers four common people with four stories too far-fetched and absurd to be true..Only one, however, is fictional! It's up to the audience, after asking a series of questions to the storytellers, to guess which of them is the "liar" and win the Mio Cugino Award. On stage are everyday people like you that are willing to share their stories, to let off a little steam, to make us think and smile.