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Bagni LUCIA dives into the complex world of investigative journalism.

History of radio as a very long and nuanced tradition of reportage and audio journalism and in the last decades, with the explosion of podcast, it has found new attentive listeners, always thirsty for new stories.
But where does the thin line between news and stories lies?


On July 22nd a series of exceptional guest will help us navigate those treacherous waters: LIVE in the studio with us we'll have Lorenzo Bagnoli (journalist, IRPI media) and media sociologist Tiziano Bonini, while remotely connected will join us the voices of Francesca Berardi (journalist and independent radio producer) and Carlo Annese (Piano P, Corriere Daily).


language: English - Italian

investigative journalism

year: 2019

Targeting Outsiders in Italy

by Alessia Cerantola and Lorenzo Bagnoli

Matteo Salvini, former Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, made his political career out of denouncing the “threat” that immigration represents to the identity of white, Christian, Europeans. In small towns across the country, his message is resonating with an entire generation of young people who seem to know more about what they are against (immigrants, secularism, abortion) than what they are for. They call themselves “identitarians.


The Ground Truth Project Fellows Alessia Cerantola and Lorenzo Bagnoli traveled to the small Italian towns where Salvini’s ideas are being propagated by a new crop of politicians and visited Pontida, the biggest festival of the nationalist Lega party, where their leaders are anointed.


language: Italian


year: 2020

Le città e la paura. Effetto Lisbona

by Francesca Berardi

Cities, Italo Calvino said, are places of memory, desires, exchanges, of signs of a language ... these are the secret reasons that push people to choose them.

Many cities are also places of fear. Fear of losing the house, of not being able to afford a rent anymore, of not being able to stay anymore. A fear that makes its way between speeches on the rebirth of neighborhoods, on rediscovered splendor, among millions of tourists and millions of euros in investments.

Francesca Berardi goes to Lisbon, in the former industrial area of Marvila, in the eastern part of the city, considered by some to be the new Soho in Lisbon. Enter the homes of the residents of Santos Lima, a large and ancient workers' residence, now on the verge of being converted into a luxury condominium or hotel. The remaining tenants - some of whom were born within those walls - are in limbo.

In Lisbon it is now difficult to find a room with a window for less than 300 euros a month, while the minimum wage is just double. Through their personal stories, it tells the impact that phenomena such as gentrification and mass tourism have on the individual and collective mental health of people.

Above all, it reflects how talking about the right to housing also means talking about class, gender and race issues.


The episodes of Lisbona. Le Città e la paura can be heard in full version from the podcast of Tre Soldi Rai Radio3

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