LUCIA's guests

Audiocollectief SCHIK is a collective formed in 2015 by Nele Eeckhout, Siona Houthuys and Mirke Kist.

SCHIK searches for the boundary between story and experience, between radio and theatre. SCHIK strongly believes in the power of audio, which can break open stereotypical images burnt into our retinas.


In collaboration with VPRO Dorst, SCHIK realized the podcasts Roes (2016), BOB (2017) and El Tarangu (2019).

BOB won the audience award at De Tegel, was nominated the best podcast of 2018 during the Dutch Podcast Awards and received an honorable mention at De Zilveren Reissmicrofoon. In collaboration with De Standaard they created the podcast series Uitgesproken. For the Oorzaken festival they created the audio walk Apparently Have You Still Approximately Same Song, which was selected for IDFA Doclab 2016.  

WHEN: Friday 13th at 8.45 pm and at 10.00 pm


Andrea Borgnino is a journalist, author and radio host.

He has created several shows dedicated to radio broadcasting. He has worked for Gr RAI and RAI Radio1 as author of the cult show Golem and in 2010 he published the book Radio Pirata (Persiani Editore). 

In 2009 he has been New Media Manager at the EBU in Geneva.

Andrea is member of the EBU Radio Committee and the director of RAI Techetè Radio, a digital channel devoted to RAI archival materials and productions. Every Thursday morning, Andrea is live on air on Radio3 RAI. He’s the host of Interferenze, a program exploring radio stations around the world, their voices, the communities behind them.

WHENThursday 12th at 7.00 pm


Daria Corrias is a journalist, author, senior producer and proud commissioning editor of the RAI Radio3 show Tre Soldi, a daily slot dedicated to radio documentary formats.

She has co-curated hundreds of radio documentaries, such as the Prix Italia and Prix Europa 2018 awards winner Il Sottosopra by Gianluca Stazi and Giuseppe Casu.

She teaches Radio Reportage at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome and she co-curates Zazà, a Radio 3 show devoted to Southern Italy.

Her works as author have been selected and awarded in national and international festivals: Prix Europa, BFF- Bellaria Film Festival; Sabina Sganga Award; Marco Rossi Award - Radio Articolo 1; Premio Anello Debole.

WHENThursday 12th at 7.00 pm


Maya Goldberg-Safir is Third Coast International Audio Festival's artistic director.

Maya has been at TCIAF since 2013, where she has moved her way up from intern, to social media strategist and artistic associate. She also performs as one of Third Coast's licensed Podcast Therapists, offering podcast "prescriptions" to audiences in Chicago and beyond. She is active in the community of Chicago independent radio producers. A native Californian, she re-located to the Midwest after graduating from Middlebury College.

WHENFriday 13th at 6.00 pm and Saturday 14th at 8.00 pm

maya goldberg-safir.jpeg

Emily Kennedy is the program director at the Third Coast International Audio Festival.


Emily has been involved with Third Coast since 2015 where she shaped the identity of the first-ever Fest in 2016. She is a freelance multimedia journalist, producer, and editor in Ohio, D.C., Massachusetts, and New York.

At Third Coast, she’s particularly interested in the way that the medium can tell the story—whether it’s the shape of a session, the style of the Conference brochure, or the community that can form in one room around a single piece of audio. 

WHENFriday 13th at 6.00 pm and Saturday 14th at 8.00 pm

emily kennedy.jpeg

Fallon Mayanja is an author and performer.

She explores new narrative forms and by defending the idea of multiple identities, she works on staging hybrid bodies and voices. Fallon Mayanja's work, a place of sound and visual composition, is the result of experiments, dialogues created with and by technological tools.

Fallon is a member of the collective Black(s) to the Future.

WHENThursday 12th at 10.20 pm and Friday 13th at 4.00 pm

Fallon Mayanja.PNG

Ariana Martinez is an audio artist of Puerto Rican descent raised in various towns and cities across the U.S. mainland. Ariana is currently based in New York City and their creative practice spans across audio and visual work in an attempt to understand the relationships between people and places. They work to reveal the landscape and built environments as sites of expression and experimentation while also recognizing and challenging geographic, social, and political boundaries. Ariana believes that it is possible to be in reciprocal conversation with our surroundings and to create a porous, malleable, and generous experience of the places we inhabit.

In 2018, Ariana was named a New Voices Scholar by the Association for Independents in Radio and received the Signal to Noise Award from Gilded Audio and UnionDocs. 

WHENThursday 12 at 5.00 pm

MARTINEZ, ARIANA_photo_edited.jpg

Eleanor McDowall is the founder of Radio Atlas - an English language home for subtitled audio. She is also a Director at the British independent radio production company - Falling Tree Productions.

In 2019 Eleanor's and Falling Tree production's piece A sense of quietness won the Prix Europa and the Third Coast International Competition.

Radio Atlas received a Special Commendation at the Prix Europa in 2016, the Silver Award for Best New Podcast at the British Podcast Awards in 2018 and has been featured at film and audio festivals around the world including First Look, True/False, CPH:Dox, Sheffield Doc/Fest, On Air Fest, Audiocraft and Frames of Representation.

WHENThurdsay 12th at 5.00 pm and at 9.00 pm


Graduated from the Scuola d'Arte Drammatica "Paolo Grassi" in Milan, Mauro Pescio is a theater actor and radio author. Since 2012 he has written and co-authored with Matteo Caccia the radio shows Voi siete qui (Radio24) Una vita and Pascal (RAI Radio 2) and Linee d'Ombra (Radio 24). From 2017 he collaborates with RAI Radio3 Tre Soldi. Together with Matteo Caccia he wrote La Piena, the popular audio series produced by Audible Italia. In the last 4 years he has toured across Italy with Mio Cugino, a strange hybrid of storytelling and live comedy show.

QUANDO c'è: Saturday 14th at 10.15

Mauro Pescio.jpeg

Rodolfo Sacchettini studies and extensively writes about theater, radio and literature.

In 2018 his latest book Scrittori alla radio. Interventi, riviste e radiodrammi per un'arte invisibile was published by Firenze University Press. He collaborates with Enciclopedia Treccani, RAI Radio3 and Rete Toscana Classica.

He teaches Audio Documentary at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan.

QUANDO c'è: Friday 13th alle 6.30


Belgian-Polish Katharina Smets molds documentary materials into performances, sound guides and radio productions. Fascinated by memories and archives, her collaborations with other artists and musicians invariably start from a shared need to give voice to vulnerable stories.


Currently working on a PhD in the arts, Katharina teaches audio storytelling at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp. Katharina curates the audio story festival Oorzaken in Amsterdam and she is a proud co-founder of MIRP, the Meeting of Independent Radio Producers.

WHENFriday 13th at 20.00 pm and at 20.45 pm


Isabel Vázquez is Third Coast International Audio Festival's Senior Producer for all radio shows and podcasts.

Before joining Third Coast, Isabel was the StoryBooth Intern for StoryCorps in Chicago, where she edited short stories for community partner organizations. Isabel moved to Chicago after a year living in Indonesia, where she got in only two motorbike crashes. In her spare time, she swaps her headphones for a helmet to skate with the Windy City Rollers on the roller derby track.

WHENFriday 13th at 6.00 pm and Saturday 14th at 8.00 pm

Isabel Vazquez.jpeg

Jonathan Zenti is an independent radio producer based in Milan, Italy.

He is the content director at Voxnest and he is the curator of the Mondoascolti program at the Internazionale Festival in Ferrara. Since 2004 he frequently collaborates with RAI Radio3.

He is co-founder and a proud board member of MIRP – Meeting of Independent Radio Producers.


He has been finalist at the Prix Europa twice and he won the GanBéarla Award 2015 at the Hearsay Audio Festival in Ireland. His podcast Meat got to the final stage of Radiotopia’s Podquest. He is the author of the podcast Problemi.


jonathan zenti.jpg