What is YASS!

You Are So Sound! is a mentorship program that aims to the exchange and growth of audio artists, radio producers and audio storytellers. It is a five month distance training for emerging and experienced producers of any age.

You Are Sound!  is a word game but is a wish too...

The premises

With the exception of rare cases, the erosion of public investment in authorial radio production leads to a low disposition for experimentation and a significant reduction in new commissions. In Italy, this goes hand in hand with a fragile network of independent producers: our profession is regrettably characterised by discontinuity of employment, uncertain contracts in an economical system often based on reputation rather than retribution). On a wider European ground this means few educational programs and an increasing homogenization of formats and aesthetics.
Listening is democratic, it is a political exercise of imagination and that’s why we think it is important to foster creative authorship, to promote new voices and productions subverting the mass media narratives, going beyond genres and geographical borders.

Our idea

Radio Papesse presents YASS! a 5-month distance one to one mentorship program for emerging or experienced authors and audio artists of any age. YASS! provides European and Mediterranean audio producers and podcasters with competences and resources to advance in their projects and careers.

How does it work?

Three candidates are selected via open call to be paired with three mentors whose work we highly love: Alessandra Eramo, Rikke Houd and Katharina Smets... Know more


A series of masterclasses to go behind the scenes of audio production with exceptional sound artists and producers

May-July 2021: the summer masterclasses with Charo Calvo, Brit Jensen, Maartje Duin and Axel Kacoutié!


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